Sunday, August 23, 2015

August 23, 2015

Today we decided to visit my cuz, Randy Walters, owner of Wimpy's Paradise/Pittsburgh Willy's restaurant, for lunch. Located in downtown Chandler, this two-in-one treasure offers two different menus....Wimpy's offers great burgers and sandwiches, and the Pittsburgh Willy's menu offers excellent hot dogs. The spot also features Thrifty Ice Cream so we splurged on a chocolate malt, with extra malt!

I picked a fave from the Wimpy's Paradise menu, a fried bologna sammich, with american cheese, on grilled white bread. Perfect comfort food!

Scott selected off the Pittsburgh Willy's menu -- the Wing Ding Willy -- a polish hot link with bacon, blue cheese dressing and buffalo wing sauce, on a pretzel bun. Ohmigosh so good. Scott reported it was the best hot dog he's ever had.

Wimpy's has other great features -- a huge selection of canned and bottled sodas, including my favorite from back home, Vernor's. There's also a "penny candy" section so we brought home some treats as well.

Maybe next Sunday we'll wake up early enough to make it to Wimpy's for breakfast. I hear their biscuits and gravy are phenomenal.

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